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It’s all started at the dawn of 2017. It was like the common story of you or the man next to you. Some teen-aged boys leaving school with a hope to stay together and grow old in the name of friendship! Then abruptly we came along with the common dream to make it happen. By the time it has risen anomaly with a vision that includes more than us. We founded Gentle Softs as an initiative to change for good, to help the mass.

Gentle Softs is a software development company based on developing and marketing App with own unique ideas on company banner. Till now we are not doing any contractual App development. Our idea and development are the property of Gentle Softs with own practical scenario and business plan. We are detecting social & national problem we mass people face in our daily life that can be assuaged by technological help. We are trying to create a platform where we can know what people need and we may sort out what to be done. Our story is not to grow rich but to grow reach to everyone. Our first development is a prime one with a noble idea to change old medication technique and change it with the digital lucid one. We launched Gentle Prescription in the banner of Gentle Softs to reduce medication hassles and complexities for both doctor and patient. We have many more ideas on development that could change not only lives but also our lifestyles. Our team members have the zeal to take the challenge and make it done. We are always in search of better to reach the best.

Starting with a Prescription we are looking forward to offer you more and diversify our service-breaking technological boundary. A lot of ideas are on their way back to return to you with the smart Application. We are waiting to execute one after one with a promising team. Our target fields are local and international welfare and corporate service. Since the fire wavered we moved fast to a civilized community and since technology started run along we are moving faster. We believe in making things easier, smarter with a gentle move of technological bless.

Gentle Softs – Smart in every move!

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Khan Tanvir Mahmud
Technical Leader
Kamrul Hasan
Business Leader
Md. Jubaer Hasan
Management Leader
Mir Istiak Tarek
Web Dev Leader
Asif Ahmed
Mobile Dev Leader



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